When I was working in Lafayette, La there was an associate pastor who I was so very blessed to work with.  We will call him Padre!  My biggest pet peeve with Padre was that he would always correct me on words I would use either in writing, speaking or every day use. It drove me … Continue reading


I couldn’t help but laugh a little when I began to type the title to this post.  We hear it all the time, say it all the time, and feed it all the time.  Let me be real with you for just one second, I love food!  I love to cook food, eat food, and … Continue reading

Aurora Reflection

Sometimes the movement of God is something we would rather ignore.  Dark times can cause great awakenings into the heart of who we are.  My sincere prayers first and foremost go out to the community of Aurora, Colorado.  My prayers are also with this man and for his conversion. Never ever forget that we all … Continue reading

I’m Back, Literally!

For the past year God has kept me extremely busy.  Ministry at St. Pius X took off for the third year at a great speed and we added, for a time, a web blog that took some time, so I shut this down for a year.  Lets get you up to speed! One day in … Continue reading

Why Youth Ministry?

Today I celebrate my third year of full time youth ministry and complete my 7th year of working in the world of youth ministry.  As a youth minister and church employee my first goal is to lead souls to Christ. Second, to build relationships with teens to better serve them. Third, love as Christ loved … Continue reading

A Move Turned Mission: My Story

Two years ago today I woke up for the first time in apartment 911 thinking to myself, “What in the world am I doing in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Often times I am asked why I am in Louisiana and for over a year now my answer has stayed the same, “because God has a great sense … Continue reading